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    Henri Roger piano, Alex Benvenuto bass clarinet, Laurent Lapchin guitar, Cédric Fioretti drums, Jean-Marc Laugier double-bass.
    Very active jazz quintet from the French Riviera .
    The band manages the "So What" club and the "La Gaude Jazz Festival" near Nice, France.
    "Compagnie So What" plays a modern jazz inspired by Coltrane , Monk, Mingus
    with his own accent and colors, adding a contemporary touch.
    The band plays in museums, médiathèques, important festivals (Monte-Carlo, Hyères, Porquerolles …) and many jazz clubs .

    1. Musique écrite et improvisée du début du XXIe siècle du moyen pays niçois.
    2. Boogie à l’ail
    3. Colle belle
    4. Dépêche toi chérie
    5. Odyssée celtique
    6. On verra
    7. Nietzsche la bella

    Listen to : Nietzsche la bella

    8. Peuna
    9. Sa vision sur le mur
    10. Ti for to
    11. Télépathie sans fil


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